Best Winter Yachting Locations

While chasing the summer is extremely popular within yacht charters and owners alike, there’s something to be said about cold water cruising. While you may not spend as much time heading down an onboard slippery slide into the warmer water, it’s still an incredible experience to take a cold weather yacht charter or cruise if you’re an owner. Here we look at a few of the best cold water places to head to with the yacht.

  1. Tasmania. From protected anchorages, scenic waters that stretch for miles without a single other person and jagged, soaring sea cliff faces that cascade into the wild waters surrounding this island state, Tasmania is a wonderfully kept secret among cold water yachters. Take in the calm and sheltered waters of the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, with access to the fishing villages of the Huon River and then onto Hobart’s deep water port and an exploration of this vibrant and wonderful city, you’ll find plenty to see and do within Tasmania on the yacht.
  2. Arctic and Antarctic regions. While you may need an ice explorer like Rossinavi’s Polaris to access these harsh and remote ice landscapes, you wont be disappointed you did. The purple and blue hues of these icy regions are the reason that people come back again and again. Not to mention the ability to observe some of the most reclusive and beautiful marine wildlife in their natural habitat.
  3. Scotland. While probably not typically an immediate thought at the top of every yacht charter’s mind, Scotland is, nevertheless, gaining popularity as a stunning, remote and luxury destination for cold water super yacht cruisers. Dramatic landscapes, coastal serenity and picturesque villages dotted along the side of this country of extremes are what draws visitors to Scotland. And, as with all yacht destinations, when you’ve got a yacht you can reach some of the harder to reach areas which means more time for your holiday and less time around other tourists.

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