Can I Afford To Buy A Private Island?

Privately owned islands: They’re typically portrayed as secluded playgrounds reserved for the mega-rich and famous (see 6 People Who Own Private Islands). But you don’t have to be a Hollywood super star or a business billionaire to obtain your own floating paradise. Some private islands come in at less than the cost of your average college degree. Whether it’s a secluded stretch of sand or a private forest haven you crave, you can make your private island dream come true often for well under $200K. Coastal Canada, North and Central America and the South Pacific are peppered with affordable island gems and beachfront plots.

To demonstrate the range of offerings, and give you a sense of what features your money buys, we’ve handpicked eight of the best bargains on earth (listed prices are in U.S. dollars), currently available via Private Islands Online, one of the leading specialist brokers. Some are available freehold, meaning you can buy them outright; others by leasehold, which means for a specific, multi-year period (like a long-term lease).

Chandler Island – Price: $39.9K Size: Around 1 acre (Freehold)

Chandler Island (the listing also calls it Small Island) isn’t exactly sprawling; in fact, it’s the size of the average suburban backyard. What it does have is great boat accessibility, thanks to its secluded bay setting. At an acre more or less (it shrinks to half an acre at high tide) this pint-sized cutie also gets high marks for low maintenance. In fact, with nothing but what looks like a small gazebo on it, according to the available photographs, there isn’t much to maintain yet.

Fishermans Point Island – Price: $175K Size: 2 acres (Freehold)

This ideal family retreat (there’s abundant wildlife and waterfowl) comes with a refurbished (new roof, septic, windows), shingled cottage on tranquil Lake Saint Clair. Electricity is already connected; the lake is ideal for swimming and migrating birds fly overhead. And it isn’t called Fisherman’s Point for nothing this truly is a year-round anglers’ heaven.

Isla Alhambra – Price: $247.6K Size: 9 acres (Freehold)

This picture-perfect island getaway bears all the characteristics of a tropical fantasy, according to its seductive online ad: Multiple white sand beaches with pristine blue waters and a lush tropical palm backdrop. Graced with breathtaking views, geared for residential development and located just a few minutes boat ride from civilization, Isla Alhambra ticks about every desirable (island) box. Except, of course, for the one that says the house is already built.

Isla Colon – Price: $250K Size: 2.25 acres (Freehold)

This Caribbean Isle is centrally located within the Bocas archipelago, just 20 minutes by boat to Isla Colon’s laid-back Bocas Town. A band of mangroves surrounds the island, providing an ideal habitat for protected sea creatures and colourful birds. Coast into any of three docks and keep an eye out for the resident turtle and eagle ray. At present, the docks are the only structures on the island.

Tahifehifa Island – Price: $370.2K Size: 1.09 acres (Leasehold)

A pristine patch located nine miles south of the quaint Neiafu harbor township that€™s popular with a global array of cruising yachts (as many as 100 anchor there). At present, the island is undeveloped. With commercial/residential zoning, it’s approved for the development of a resort that screams eco-tourism. There’s a white sand beach, a coral barrier reef celebrated for diving and snorkelling, nesting turtles and frolicking whales (it’s legal to swim with them in Tonga).
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