If You Want a Sea Change, Sell the House and Buy a Yacht

With the pandemic that began in 2020, we were introduced to the concept of working from home. As more and more businesses adapted to this model of work, during the next two years, more and more people were able to move out of the cities and head for a sea or tree change.

Now, in 2022, as working from home has become a very real ability for most people, the ultimate sea change is selling up the house and buying a yacht. 365 days a year on a nautical adventure, the ability to pull up anchor and head somewhere new each day, travelling calm inlets and blustery seas. There has never been a better time to truly explore the world and all it has to offer than now and by yacht, no less.

With advancements in technology being made within the yachting industry every day, there is now the ability to get almost seamless internet access even in remote parts of the world, meaning that you could be able to log in and do a few hours work while on the deck of your superyacht and enjoying all the wonders that places like The Bahamas, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and even Alaska have to offer. The team at Torrens Luxury Collection showcase some of the most beautiful yachts and super yachts in the world, yachts that could be your forever home www.torrensluxurycollection.com.

So have a chat to them today to find out how you could be selling up the house that tethers you to land and move on to the open waters of the world. To explore, discover and adventure for the rest of your life. The time to seize the moment is now.

Article created by Torrens Luxury Collection, Gold Coast Australia. For more Luxury Yachting articles and blogs just go to www.torrens.yachts/blog or contact us on 1300 148 648.

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