Top 5 Luxury Yacht Destinations you must see in 2021

When it comes to luxury yacht and superyacht destinations, the world is literally your oyster, so it can be hard to narrow down the best places to head to on your next trip or yacht charter. We’ve made it easier by giving you our top 5 places to explore in your yacht that will give you some inspiration for your next yacht itinerary.

Number 5 is the Caribbean. You can’t really go past this option for luxury yacht destinations. With its azure blue water, sand and sun-drenched islands and plenty of things to see and do both on land and off the Caribbean is a popular luxury yacht destination and it’s not hard to see why. With over 5000 islands, there are also many private archipelagos that you can find to explore if you need some sanctuary from the crowds.


We couldn’t have a top 5 list without including Greece. This classic superyacht destination is the ultimate playground for yacht aficionados. If you love the European warmth, head here in the summer and explore all the rich history, food, and culture that Greece and its islands have in store.


The Mediterranean comes in at number 3 and we’re focussing on the West Mediterranean with incredible places to visit like the French Riviera, Italy, Spain, and the Amalfi Coast. Home to superyacht hotspots like St Tropez, Cannes, and Antibes the West Mediterranean offers a refined luxury with a unique combination of culture, breathtaking scenery, and stunning climate.


Number 2 is a bit of a surprise, but cold-water yachting is becoming increasingly popular. And with the dramatic land and seascapes that are ever-changing throughout the year, it doesn’t matter when you go, just that you do. In summer, experience the Northern Lights and crystal-clear lakes that are usually hidden underneath the ice. In winter, you can experience the wonder of the ice caps and the incredible wildlife and sea life that comes with the colder water. If you’re looking for something a little different, Greenland may be the perfect luxury yacht destination for you.


Finally, number 1 in our top 5 is Croatia. Yacht charters in Croatia are the perfect way to spend a European summer. With historic places like Dubrovnik and Split on the mainland, as well as over 1000 islands on the famous Dalmatian Coast. The Adriatic Sea offers gentle cruising and island hopping in the clear, calm waters. Enjoy the food, history, and picturesque port towns that have plenty to offer any discerning yacht charter guest or owner alike.


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