Most Extravagant Superyacht Master Suites

The superyacht industry is awash with stunning yachts decked out with incredible finishes, exciting water toys, decks, and pools galore. However, the master suite of a superyacht is surely their crowning glory. Here we look at the five most extravagant superyacht master suites around the world, and we can confirm that these will not disappoint! Opulence abounds in many master cabins of these superyachts, however, some of our favourites are the ones that take pure advantage of the endless views that superyachts provide of the open ocean.

The master suite in Sunseeker 95 is just one of these suites. Luxuriously open plan, the space seems even more expansive when combined with the massive windows that lookout. It’s also split across two separate levels, which just lends even more luxury to this already stunning master suite.

The huge 58.67 metre Magna Grecia takes advantage of its sprawling size with a sweeping master suite decked out in luxurious cream blonde timber finishes. The king bed offers comfort beyond measure and the large screen tv on the wall opposite the bed will ensure you never leave the suite itself to explore the rest of the yacht.

If you’re a fan of Old-World style opulence, then look no further than Trinity Yachts’ built Janie. With her dark wood panelling and gold filigree carpeting, this master suite looks like something that King Henry IV would have enjoyed had there been superyachts in his heyday. A refit has also seen a rename to Cocktails, however, the layout and concept of this extravagant master suite have remained true to its original.

Aquamarina, built by ISA invokes a similar experience to the Janie/Cocktails master suite. The rich and vibrant mahogany wood is accentuated by the gold furnishings to really drive home the feeling of luxury and class. This master suite has a feeling of a classic, European five-star hotel from the 1940s. What better way to unwind after a day on the water!

Finally, we couldn’t finish this list without including the expansive and all-embracing luxury master suite of the Tatiana. Drapery, chocolatey dark wood offset by creamy linens and opulent carpet, Tatiana’s master suite is a sight to behold. It also comes with its own study, just in case the occupier of the suite needs to do some important and necessary work in comfort and style.

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