Welcome to PRESTIGE X-Line

I wanted to take you through some of the key features of this new revolutionary yacht. In the development process, we wanted to make a full-size mock-up of the main deck of this boat. There’s a lot of innovation in terms of the architecture and the layout. One is to move the side decks to the Flybridge to give you a maximum amount of width throughout the boat. And we also redistributed the interior and exterior space to make an incredibly large cockpit that we call an infinity cockpit with this view out over the transom to the water. Lots of seating. A very cosy area for an entertaining space. Tables here that can be transferred from coffee tables to dining tables and dual staircases up to the Flybridge, very gentle angle, and give you incredible circulation throughout the boat.
This blending of the interior and exterior spaces is really a key feature of the X-Line. As you can see here a very wide opening door, flat floor from inside to outside including the opening loggia windows to either side which electrically drops down in the main saloon. So you have really an exterior space to becomes an interior and an interior that becomes an exterior So you really live throughout the main deck. The other key feature of removing the side decks on this deck is to have maximum width throughout the yacht. It’s when you step inside on this yacht where the space that we’ve generated becomes apparent you can see that we have a full-beam here in the main saloon that allows us to have, on one side, a sofa, on the other side, a full dining table; we can also put another sofa in that space. The interior flooring area here of this level is flat, so we can adapt to the furniture, the layouts and the set-up, depending on the individual needs of each particular client. And we have very large galley area here forward that can be a closed area or opened area, depending on how people like to live, and we have, which is a true PRESTIGE signature, separated accesses to the master cabin forward in a true wide-body format or into the guest area’s here in the central area.
Just like at home, the galley is the focal point of life on board. You can see that we placed it here centrally located on the main deck easy access to the exterior and up the Flybridge using the innovative stairs on the front of the boat. Very easily accessible also from the steering station so while on the way a very easy place to come and get a drink, prepare some food. And of course, once we stop, we open up the loggia windows and we have the full deck here and we have access too from the galley. Lots of modern appliances: big fridges, freezers, full-sized dishwashers, lots of storage and of course even a fall down television from the ceiling. At the forward and the main deck is the primary home. This entire area here has been designed for very easy and very comfortable cruising. Obviously, we have quick access to the galley. We have an opening door acceding to the side deck, which you can go up to the Flybridge, opening hatches above my head and of course seating off to either side. So you could be joined by your various family members and friends when you’re cruising on the boat and this great 180-degree-view forward that caps off the feeling of being onboard a true superyacht. Thanks for taking the time to visit this full-scale mockup of PRESTIGE X-Line.
X-Line is a revolution in the yachting market today. It’s enhancing the space onboard, creating your own private island, it’s maximizing the volume, it’s raising the level of fit and finish at a level rarely seen in this category before. It is going to be a big change in the market today and we invite you on board, here, with PRESTIGE X-Line.

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