Summer on the Mediterranean in 2022, are the Fun Times Back?

For the last two years, the world at large has been living under the dark cloud of the pandemic. With international travel restrictions in place, crowd restrictions on large gatherings and the closing down of much of the tourism industry, this has meant that many of us have been itching to book our next yacht holiday destination. And now that the world is opening back up again, 2022 means that the party is back, and we all know that there is no better place to party than Summer in the Mediterranean.

The Med is one of the most popular yachting destinations, with super yacht charters running throughout the whole season and many of the small island towns pumping with excitement, music and summer fun. From Hvar in Croatia to Mykonos in Greece, no matter where you’re thinking of taking your yacht adventure or yacht charter, the team at Torrens Luxury Collection have the right advice and yacht for you. Their yacht management team can hook you up with the charter of the century, with everything taken care of. This means that the only thing that you’re responsible for is your passport and your next dance move.

Enjoy the nightlife of the European coast and by daylight, cruise your yacht around the small islands that sit within this jewelled sea. Enjoy your onboard experience with the crew that is there to ensure that your every whim is met and have a European summer to remember with the onboard toys available. Whatever your Mediterranean yacht party might look like, Torrens Luxury Collection have the yacht for you, check out their range here

And if the Mediterranean is out of your reach for 2022, think about a tropical Far North Queensland yacht charter for an adventure that still feels both exciting and luxe, while still getting into the party atmosphere that 2022 is promising now that the world is coming back to life.

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