Summer Yachting in Australia

We’re fast approaching Australia’s arguably favourite season. Longer days and shorter, balmy nights, public holidays, family events and celebrations and warmer weather all spell out that summer is fast approaching. And with the promise of the country opening up by December, much of the population is looking forward to seeing loved ones and organising family holidays and now more than ever soaking up our interpersonal connections.

While many may choose mainland activities for their summer holiday solutions, the smartest of them all will be looking out toward the blue waters of the Australian coastlines and calling brokers and yacht charter organisers as quickly as they can. Summer spent on a superyacht in Australia is the best place to be, here we look at the top 3 summer yachting destinations in Australia, that aren’t the Whitsundays!

  1. Moreton Island. A local kept secret around the yachting charters of Brisbane is Moreton Island. While popular destinations like the Whitsundays exist to it’s north, if you’re not looking to travel that far, then Moreton is the place to visit. The third largest sand island in the world showcases shipwrecks, vast sandy beaches, fishing galore and, not to mention, the friendliest dolphins on the east coast. Snorkel your way through a yacht charter around this island and enjoy the warm, crystal clear waters that are abound with colourful coral and tropical fish. On the island itself, you can enjoy adventure activities like 4WD driving and quad biking to really get the most out of your charter.
  2. Cairns. While tropical North Queensland is sort of close to the Whitsundays, and shares many off its exceptional traits, Cairns is a gem that sits out on it’s own. Nestled between dense daintree forests and quiet, white sandy beaches, Cairns is a city that really can’t be missed if you’re looking for warmth and fun. If you’re looking for a little bit of excitement after dinner, Cairn’s buzzing nightlife and social scene is the place for you, with plenty of nightclubs, bars and restaurants to feast yourself at and enjoy those warm nights. We recommend not visiting in the height of summer, though, as this can often be tropical cyclone season. Venture up around March/April for a perfect mix of hot weather and cool water.
  3. The Kimberley. This is the ultimate in coastline drama, with its red, sea cliffs plunging into deep waters The Kimberley is one of the most beautiful places within Australia to visit. And, as it is with most cases, visiting it by superyacht is even better as you can get to places many others can’t, which can spell privacy, seclusion and plenty of your own space. If you’re chartering, you can set your own pace or have the crew organise and plan out your itinerary to maximise all aspects of your Kimberley adventure. And don’t forget to take out some of the superyacht toys, because along these shorelines you won’t have more fun on a JetSki than you will here.

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