Super Yacht Toys

Some of the most exciting parts of buying and chartering super yachts and mega yachts is the fact that you can travel to some of the most remote and exclusive parts of the world to experience what many can only dream of. However, even more exciting, is the prospect of getting to these exclusive super yacht destinations and then taking out those super yacht toys that we all hold so dear.

The adventure of the high seas hasn’t yet begun until you get on board your own private jetski and find a new archipelago to explore with yourself, your loved ones, guests and crew. If you’re looking for some fun without leaving the yacht, then the inflatable slides and climbing walls are exactly what you’re looking for. These inflatable, buoyant toys of pure fun could be what you are sliding down on your next superyacht charter or even something you could own yourself as a superyacht owner. These slides and walls are perfect if you’ve anchored in the azure waters of a small bay and just want to chill out for the day and enjoy the warm waters and sun rays beaming down.

If you want to explore the waters around you where you’ve pulled up and anchored, kayaks, jet boards or sea bobs are perfect for you. Hop on board by yourself or with a friend and get paddling, or riding those small waves to the beach to dry off before you hop back on board to go back to the superyacht for some delicious lunch prepared for you by the yacht chef. Finally, if you’re into pure fun and are looking to embrace your inner child, then the Banana Boat is a staple among superyacht charters that means you can be towed along behind the tender at speed while you grip for dear life and enjoy the bouncing of the Banana Boat along the waves that the tender creates. All of these toys and more can be explored and enjoyed if you are looking for your next superyacht charter or if you’re in the market as a superyacht owner with Torrens Luxury Collection.

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