The World’s Coolest Yachts

Superyachts are one of the best ways to travel, and now that the world is opening back up again and international travel is back on the cards for 2022, we’re dreaming of luxury yacht holiday destinations and being catered to onboard by experts in the business. So, if 2022 has got you feeling like a yacht adventure is on the cards for you, here are the top 3 coolest yachts in the world for some inspiration.

  1. Azzam. (above) Built by Lürssen in 2013, this 180 meter giant kicks off our list. The main saloon encompasses 522m2 of this humungous Superyacht and sports a relaxed French Empire style with Mother of Pearl finishes on its stunning amenities. With features like a gym, pool and a specialised golf training room, this is definitely one of the coolest yachts in the world.
  1. Dilbar. (above) Another Lürssen jewel, Dilbar is the largest yacht in the world by gross tonnage, not length. This Superyacht has a 180 cubic metre swimming pool, two helipads and even a garden that contains a specialised type of grass that can withstand the harsh sea air.
  1. Sailing Yacht A. (above) Built by Nobiskrug and delivered in 2017, this 142 meter beauty is manned by a crew of 54 across her 8 decks and her rotating, curved, carbon fibre masts climb to 100m! Showcasing an underwater viewing pod and balconies that are enclosed by the largest piece of curved glass ever made, this gorgeous piece of machinery earns her spot in our top 3 coolest yachts ever.

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