Top 5 Reasons a Yacht Charter is Better than a Hotel

At Torrens Luxury Collection, we’re all about yachts, super yachts and mega yachts, in whatever shape or form they come in. No matter what yacht you might be after, the team at Torrens can give charter or owner advice on all of them, but the best things about yachts is their ability to take you places you’ve never been before. Whether it be adventuring on the high seas in international waters, or cruising the calm waters of the Caribbean, yachts are the best way to travel. Here we list our top 5 reasons why yachts are better than staying in a hotel.

5. Experience the water like you never have before. Yachting is the perfect way to get up close and personal with the ocean. Whether you’re a sea lover or a yacht beginner, there’s no argument that travelling on a yacht can get you closer than you’ve ever been to sealife and witness them in their own habitat that you just can’t get at a hotel.

4. Avoiding the crowd. Possibly one of the best reasons to take a yacht charter rather than staying in a hotel. Avoid the tourist crowds that usually occupy the busy destinations and beaches and head to the quieter places. Or simply stay on board and relax while getting a tan.

3. Linking in with our number four reason, is exploration. The ability to explore new and untouched beaches away from the crowds is one of the greatest reasons to think about a yacht charter for your next holiday. You’ll get to hard to reach places that others won’t be able to access and you can relax in your own private paradise for as long as you wish.

2. Onboard excitement. You don’t have to go to land to have fun, enjoy all your onboard toys. From slippery slides into the water, jetskis and tender rides, no matter what you want your holiday to be, a good yacht charter, like the ones at Torrens, will cater to you. If you’re more about that relaxed vibe, then relax onboard and let the crew of your charter take care of your every whim and head back to normal life feeling more rejuvenated than you ever have.

Our number one reason for a yacht charter being better than a hotel is expense. While it might not seem like it straight up, a yacht charter can actually be cheaper than a hotel, depending on what sort of yacht holiday you’re looking for. So whatever your budget, Torrens has the right yacht charter for you, check out their range here

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