What is a Super Yachts

Super Yachts are large and luxurious vessels of strictly pleasure. While there are no official or agreed upon definitions about what makes a Super Yacht, they fall under the description of a “pleasure vessel” perfectly and are professionally crewed yachts that are either powered by motors or sails. These Super Yachts (also known as Mega Yachts, depending on the size) are generally between 40 meters (130ft) to 180 meters (590ft) in length. These Super Yachts are available for yacht charters as well as for exclusive sale through Torrens Luxury Collection. Yacht management is catered for within yacht charters, and staff can be hired globally if you are a super yacht or mega yacht owner, yourself.

These super yachts are often found in luxury destinations around the world and, depending on the season, often are sailing either the Caribbean or the Mediterranean with their high end, exclusive guests on board experiencing the thrill that is super yacht sailing. Super yacht owners can often hire their super yachts out for guests to entertain themselves on for a period of days or weeks and, along with a staffed crew, can take advantage of high end, luxury prices that these super yachts can generate for the period that they are hired for.

While “commercial” super yachts that are hired out by guests often must adhere to regulations such as carrying no more than 12 persons on the vessel, privately owned super yachts and mega yachts are strictly for the pleasure of the owner and carry no such passenger restrictions. If you’re in the market for a Super yacht for sale, this may be the best option for you, as it means that you can enjoy your Super Yacht in style and not have to worry about the regulations imposed on a commercial vessel. To offset your Super Yacht costs, the private charter industry within the Americas and Europe is a successful and enjoyable endeavour that favours the super yacht owner.

If you staff the Super Yacht with a consistently good chef, captain and deck crew, you’ll be organizing those private super yacht charters for friends, guests and celebrities alike in some of the world’s most beautiful places, for years to come. The super yacht is the next perfect investment for you. 

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